The Land

The house is surrounded by 20 private acres of Cedar and Oak forest and lush fern meadow. People describe the level of silence at night as healing in itself. Stargazing here is world-class, due to the lighting regulations that protect the nearby Palomar Observatory. Astronomers, bird-watchers, spiritually inspired people, and anyone needing to unwind will find this place an absolute treasure.

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From the moment you approach the welcome sign, you know you are on special sacred land...
Ancient Cedars
And as you near the Lodge, you will catch a glimpse of the Cedars that are more than 200 years old...
Cedar Circle Gathering
People are drawn to this ancient Cedar that holds the circle near the Lodge. Most refer to this tree as Grandmother Tree, because of the nurturing wisdom energy she exudes.
Grandmother Tree
She has many branches, many views... and it's hard to get a picture of the whole tree because she is huge!
Forest Circle
You'll find many beautiful places to gather in the forest. Enjoy all 20 acres of this beautiful land.
Lush and Verdant
It's so different - more verdant than the dry scrub Oak forests of the lower areas like Julian. This forest is lush, primordial feeling. People say they can't believe they're still in So Cal!
Forest Serenity
The forest provides so many places to be quiet, to listen to the bird song, the hawk's cry, and the wind rustling the trees. Silence is precious in these times.
Trumpet Flower
Everywhere you walk on the land, you will find flowers. Here - where there are 4 seasons - new flowers appear every few months.
Medicine Wheel
There is a Medicine Wheel - a ring of 8 stones - that is designed for meditation and prayer. Enjoy this beautiful area in the trees.
Forest Floor
Below your feet, you'll feel the spongy softness of fertile soil and fallen leaves. Acorns and Oak leaves mix with the smell of the Cedars and the fresh mountain air.
Crystal Clear Views
From the Lodge and decks, you'll witness the changing weather. You'll look out for miles and miles, sometimes as far as Mexico in the distance.
Stunning Sunsets
Every evening, there is a stunning light show, which usually draws a crowd to the deck. It's never the same one twice. Sunrises are equally spectacular here, on the top of the world.
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    Grandmother Tree

    She has many branches, many views... and it's hard to get a picture of the whole tree because she is huge!