Perfect for Retreats

Pristine Nature

Sacred Mountaintop

Elegant Home 

Your retreat deserves sacred space: the energy here is pristine, deep, and empowering. The silence at night complements the stunning blanket of stars, more visible and clear than anywhere else in San Diego County. 

The clean scent of forest and the gentle sounds of nature wrap you in a sense of peace unlike anything you'd find in an AirBnB vacation mansion.


This land, and in particular the cedar tree circle, have been held sacred for thousands of years.  The water that springs from our well is perfectly pure, rising from the huge crystal-laden aquifer in the center of this mountain, and this water flows from every tap.   

The home is designed for happy groups.  Twenty (20) people can sleep in beds, with a few people sharing.  Fourteen (14) people can sleep in their own separate beds. The dining table seats 18.  

The mountain awaits your special group for an unforgettable experience.  Help with food prep is available too.

We have special pricing and benefits for retreat leaders who are here multiple weekends each year.  Ask us for more info.

Packages for Leaders with an Active & Engaged Following

For those retreat leaders who connect with our land and want to hold four or more retreats each year, we have package prices as low as $25 per person, per night. Other benefits include off-night reduced rental for you to get away and spend some quiet time on the property, as well as space to store some items on site, so you can simply arrive and get to work with your students.

Use our Contact Page to ask for a quote.