It's been happening again. The wholehearted magic of snowflakes drifting down from the sky, sometimes softly falling to nestle in the trees, or rampaging down in big fat flurries that blanket the landscape in soft, shimmering white. However it travels, it transforms our mountain community and makes a walk through the forest feel magical.

Icicles decorate the trees

This holiday season we had a couple groups of amazing guests. For Christmas a family booked the Lodge, one that had visited us years ago and hadn't been able to make it back sense. They went on and on about the improvements we've made since Carson and Manda took over the caretaking. Teresa wrote a lovely review which included this gem:

"We spent a week relaxing, reading, playing games, and frolicking in the snow. It will be remembered as one of our very favorite Christmas adventures."

Forest blanketed in snow

After that group left another family moved in for New Years. When we were arranging their visit Cindy warned us, "We have a tradition that I need to check with you..." Uh oh, I worried. "At the stroke of midnight on New Years, we like to run outside and bang pots and pans and yell. Is that going to be OK?"

"Oh yes!" I replied, "That sounds amazing! I think our local neighbors will forgive you if you limit it to just midnight, but with almost 20 acres to yourselves, I think it'll be OK!"

And honestly, that's some of the magic of this place. Our guests are often highly respected professionals, parents with young children, families with amazing traditions. But here, in the midst of our forest and with the incredible sky show passing overhead, they get to relax and sink into being themselves. They get to surround themselves with the trees and make their way through the property as quickly or as slowly as they wish. This place, it lets you just be. And in the snow, tucked into parkas and big boots, it lets you transport yourself to another time... a land of icicles and hidden landscapes and the joy of fogging up the air with your own breath.

We're already getting calls for the 2017 holiday season and are thisclose to booking someone for New Years. We'd love to have you come join us, any time of year, but if you're considering a holiday date, contact us now to see if we can get you booked before we're all full up for the season.

Come experience the magic of the Lodge this winter. Even though we can't guarantee snow, the land is so quiet and magical this time of year, you won't be disappointed!

In the meantime, enjoy a few more photos from the property, all taken by Carson and Manda.

#winter #snow #holidays

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