Fall Wedding

We have a great relationship with the Bailey's who run an amazing resort right next door, a space that is perfect for weddings. Often we host the bridal party and they take care of the countless logistics of hosting a wedding and reception. In October lovely bride Annie decided to have her ceremony over at the Bailey's and host a small reception at the Lodge.

It was, in a word, stunning. Check out the gallery below, featuring just a couple of the images taken at Upper Meadow Lodge. Click on any of the images to see 'em full size. All photos by Westlund Photography.

You can see the whole wedding album on Facebook, by clicking here.

We don't really have the resources for big weddings at Upper Meadow Lodge, and find that they impact this sacred land in a way that doesn't always feel good to us. But small, intentional events are a dream here. We love the way this wedding felt and looked and how gently this beautiful couple tread upon the ground. If you're planning a small event, we'd love to talk to you more about it. Contact us!

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