How to best wish upon a star...

There are few experiences that bring us closer to the mystery, to the creator, and to our dreaming nature than a shower of falling stars in a crisp dark night sky, surrounded by tall trees and the smells of the forest. Palomar Observatory is located within a few miles of the lodge, so we enjoy one of the darkest clearest skies in all of California! Usually the glow from cities dulls the appearance of a starry sky. However, the entire region around Palomar Mountain follows night-time lighting restrictions so as to protect the blessed darkness of the night sky for viewing the stars. The result? You can enjoy the best stargazing in California at Upper Meadow Lodge. You don’t need your telescope to enjoy the dramatic blazing of “falling stars” raining down around you on clear evenings - especially during meteor showers. In 2017, we expect dramatic meteor showers especially on May 5, Aug 12, Oct 7, Oct 20, Nov 4, Dec 13, and Dec 21. But really, “falling stars” are a common occurrence for anyone who sits in the hot-tub next to the forest and gazes upwards! When was the last time you enjoyed a flurry of falling stars? Do you have some wishes you’re ready to cast? Come to Upper Meadow Lodge. Bring the friends you love. Have the conversations that matter. Play in the forest. The mountain is calling you back!


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