The best water in Southern California? Really? YEP!

Here's the proof of tastiness: Well, in addition to the raving reviews of anyone who stays at the lodge, in 2012, in what is billed as the “Academy Awards of Water,” our neighbor and water-bottler Palomar Mountain Premium Spring Water captured a coveted award as one of the best bottled waters in the world at the 22nd annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting held in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. The competition featured water from across the country and around the globe, as Palomar tied for fifth place in the highly competitive bottled water category, vying against waters from Argentina, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Japan, Korea and New Zealand as well as several other U.S. sources. Of course the water at the lodge is the same source water, yet never gets trapped in a bottle. It flows freely from all taps at the lodge!

Here's the history:

Palomar Mountain is part of a geologic unit known as the Bonsall Tonolite, which dates back to the Cretaceous age, about 165 million years ago. As this ancient rock cooled slowly from the massive heat of its volcanic deposition, it fractured from the uneven forces acting on it. This movement created the deep crystalline aquifer that feeds the deep well located at the lodge.

Here's the ancestors: The Luiseno Indians, a branch of the La Jollan culture, were the first recorded inhabitants of the area. The Luiseno were a peaceful, nomadic group who ranged seasonally from the coastline near San Luis Rey to the spring-fed meadows of Palomar Mountain. The signs of the Luiseno remain, with a large archaeological site located at the site of the artesian springs. The Luiseno used the kaolinite clay around the spring to make their pottery, and they called the springs, Inaha, or laughing waters.

Book a gathering of your friends at the lodge, before our dates fill up. You can enjoy a whole weekend of pristine water, forest, and back-to-nature (yet super luxury) play time - a weekend paradise that sleeps 20 people for less than $49 per person per night?


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